Are you a Diabetic?

We have been listening to many stories from our friends and relatives that they have been a diabetic for sometime and was diagnosed by accident recently, fortunately just on time. These kind of news always hooks a doubt deep into our heart about your own self. It’s true that diabetes can be silent and sneaky, causing damage without any obvious symptoms. But can be deducted on time if we adhere to the following things

If you have a family history of diabetes, it’s obvious that your probability of becoming diabetic is high. So if your grand parents, parents, sibling or anyone in your immediate family is a diabetic then your risk factor seems to be high and needs constant checkup.

Being over weight is another major risk factor which significantly raises your probability of becoming a diabetic. Type 1 usually occurs in children and Type 2 develops after 35, which is lowering year after year due to various reasons as well as our changing lifestyle.

Watch out for the undermentioned diabetic symptoms which normally becomes significant only as the diabetes progresses unattended

1. Excessive thirst
2. Frequent urination
3. Frequent infections
4. Blurred vision
5. Increased appetite
6. Sexual dysfunction

It’s always best to see a doctor for a full evaluation to nail down your doubt. If you are not in a condition to go to your family doctor due to various reasons, still cannot control your anxiety then just approach a nearby hospital or a diagnostic center and get yourself tested for diabetes. If found diabetic, reach out to your doctor and take his advice and prescription.

You don’t need to panic as early deduction helps you to control diabetes and live the way you want just by exercising some control and daily workout.

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