Podia® Store

Podia® Store is an innovative initiative by HHPL in association with Voxelcare Spain dedicated to all the time provide customized Orthotic solutions (Insoles / Footwear) using an online CAD-CAM technology to solve a specific medical foot condition – may be diabetic, orthopaedic or even a condition because of sporting.

Why Custom made?

Custom made Insoles are always superior to the off-the-shelf (OTS) ones because it is made for one’s own foot structure and also accommodates the suggested corrections. Custom made footwear are useful for the patients with Orthopaedic and Diabetic foot problems and are designed to control and stabilise the function of the foot.

Custom made Insoles are made of high-quality EVA with high strength, high absorption, high resilience and long life. They prevent injury caused by excessive / lack of motion in the foot and the goal is to achieve the user walk or run efficiently.

Custom Made Insoles correct the dysfunctional biomechanics either by better positioning or by offloading, provide efficient support and help in significant reduction of pain in many orthopaedic and diabetic foot problems. They even help sportsmen to enhance performance through efficient shock absorption and mobility.

How does this system work

If you are a hospital or a service provider, you can integrate Podia® Store as a trusted back-end podiatry solution provider. At every Podia® Store, the patients are received by our trained staff and the individual patient requirements are carefully understood before taking them through the process.

Step 1

The plantar pressure profile of the patient is recorded using a high-quality VCP1600 PRESSURE 

PLATE. This pressure plate has 1600 sensors which can be used for 3 types of scanning:

  1. Static scanning
  2. Dynamic and Multi-Dynamic scanning
  3. Postural scanning

This plate provides an easy and efficient patient follow-up (up to 4 exams comparison), real-time display, immediate storage or load of recorded exams. Auto calibration system requires no recalibration over the lifespan of the platform

Step 2

Then the patient is guided to undergo a 3D foot scanning on a high profile Voxelcare 3D scanner which can scan a foot within 7 seconds from the integrated cloud scanning which is very Fast and Accurate.

Foot scan data is directly available to be used in the online orthotic design software. This 3D laser foot scanner combines the best of 3D and 2D scanning and generates a 3D foot shape files including the foot texture. This makes the scanner a perfect device for clinical applications (e.g. diabetic foot) or shop environment. The versatile scanner allows you to capture data directly from the patient‘s foot in full weight, semi-weight or non-weight bearing position.

Step 3

At every Podia® Store, Our trained technicians will take basic foot assessments and also check the postural alignment of the customers and record all the readings in the prescribed format. We also record the required measurements for the accurate footwear fittings and also note if any footwear modifications required to accommodate the deformity in the required cases.

Then the technicians will use all the assessments made along with the consultant’s prescription and design the custom made insoles using the online CAD software. Once the corrections are incorporated the final milling file will be forwarded to our central processing zone located at Chromepet – Chennai for manufacturing the custom made footwear and insoles.

Step 4

On receipt of the final file at HHPL CPZ, our trained staff will once again check corrections, choose the appropriate Insole material and custom-made insoles are fabricated. These insoles are then fitted in the chosen design of extra-depth footwear / customised footwear and forwarded back to the respective Podia® Store. Finally, the Podia® Store gives the information of the receipt of custom-made footwear to the respective customer and ensure the proper fitting and patient compliance.

At Podia® Store, we also make economic Non-CAM semi custom-made orthotics for managing temporary conditions like foot ulcers and other similar medical conditions. These custom-made orthotics are made of MCR/MCP which are scooped or off-loaded using micro-motors and the scooped portions are topped with PORON and perfectly finished with aesthetic looks. After healing of ulcers, the patient can decide to upgrade to CAM-Insoles to prevent recurrence. In certain cases, there may be incidences where the patient can still use the same footwear and just change insoles which will make the treatment protocol also more cost-effective.