Welcome to HOCHSTE – Make to order, footwear factory

Hochste, the best one-stop best solution for all your medical foot care needs. We offer a wide range of custom-made footcare solutions (for both diabetic and orthopedic) which includes
• customization of the insole,
• customization of upper and even
• customization of outer sole
to suit various medical needs, which offers a perfect and functional fit even for the most complicated foot.

We offer different kind of business integrations, demo products for display, assessment and measurement training for your hospital/clinic staff to facilitate a easy plug and play mechanism.

If you are interested, please contact at +91-6379 650 056 (or) +91-84800 05339.

Our wide range of products include,
1. CAD-CAM custom milled Insoles for orthopaedic and diabetic foot conditions.
2. Moulded Footwear for diabetic foot conditions.
3. Full and partial sole build-ups for leg length discrepancy, Equines Foot and post Ilizarov procedures.
4. Heel raises, wedges, special insoles with fascia offload for Plantar Fasciitis, Plantar Fascitis with Heel Spur, Achilles Tendonitis and other problems.
5. Offloading footwears (Anterior & Posterior), Rocker front, Rocker bottom, double layered wound management footwear for offloading diabetic foot ulcers (PORON filled apertures) as well special footwear basic & advanced Charcot.
6. Special shoes / sandals with buttressing, flanges, medial and lateral flares for OA and other foot ulcer conditions.
7. Special accommodative footwear with straps, splints and flares for conditions like bunion (hallux valgus), hallux varus, taylor bunion and others.
8. Special performance sports shoe Insoles, insoles for shin splint and anterior knee pain, multi-density imported sports insoles and more customisations…

We also make customised kids footwear with gait disorders, club foot disorder and neurological disorders (AFO). Our products are patronised by many doctors, rehab specialists and also supply to some major hospitals in South India.

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