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Leg length discrepancies are very common in the population and often not diagnosed. In some cases this can create foot problems and postural corrections too.

HPLD can be clinician’s most valuable tool for a accurate assessment of Leg Length discrepancy. Pelvic level can help the clinical to quickly screen the patients for a condition which indicates anatomic leg length discrepancy.

HPLD has two expandable wings which can be placed on the crest of the pelvic bones and the limb length imbalance will be identified by the spirit level positioning.

To measure the difference accurately, you can keep the correction pieces/blocks in the shortened limb to level the height till the bubble of the spirit level gets adjusted to the middle.

Made of durable aluminium and built to last. A set of 5 EVA correction blocks are available on request while ordering at an additional cost.

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Weight .750 kg


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