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SHEARWATER – Special Amputee Boot 1 – Closed Toe

Shearwater Charcot Foot Boot – Closed Toe shoe are made of high quality leather upper, MCR/MCP Insole and tough PU antiskid outer sole to ensure maximum stability coupled with comfort.

Type: MEN
Cat. No: SWUABC11X
Sizes: as per requirement – Custom Made
Risk Category: 3
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Shearwater Special Amputee Boot 1 – Closed Toe is a special footwear made of fore foot amputees. This amputee boot is made of a high quality leather with a very soft inner lining to avoid any friction injury. The footwear accommodates a soft 10MM MCR insole for better shock absorption and is made of a strong PU extra depth outer sole which enhances traction and stability.

In the case of fore foot amputation most of the cases are managed with custom moulded accommodative foot orthosis with fillers or with shoe alteration depending on the attending doctor’s advice. It is very important to act according to the expert’s advise as there is a reduced plantar weight bearing surface, impaired pronation / supination and a major need to offer extensive protection of the residual limb.