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Brand: Shearwater
Type: Diabetic Footwear

HSN Code : 64039920
CAT No: PFU021


  • Made of finest quality synthetic material for durability and designed to stylish looking diabetic footwear.
  • Well Padded inner Surface to protect the foot from any external Injury and covered heel for enhanced protection for diabetic patients
  • Anterior rocker front which effectively offloads the forefoot pressure and thereby promoting healing of forefoot ulcers
  • Extra depth footwear to accommodate the 10mm MCP/MCR Insoles for better cushion and comfort
  • Strong and Rigid Outer soles for better traction and comfort in walking makes it a perfect medical footwear

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Weight 1 kg


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  • Well padded and protected diabetic sandal to suit the diabetic patients with foot problems
  • Made of synthetic leather and can be washed gently
  • Diabetic footwear to suit the patients with diabetic foot risk category 0 or 1
  • Ideal diabetic sandal which can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor for females
  • 1 pair of Shearwater Diabetic Footwear

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