Hochste Healthcare Pvt Ltd is make to order medical footwear factory founded in 2016. Hochste manufactures custom made footwear for people with foot problems due to diabetic foot conditions or orthopaedic foot conditions with all upper modifications, insole corrections and even outersole corrections, custom milled insoles and custom braces with the latest technology and machines. Read more...

Corrective Footwear

Corrective footwear provides prefabricated specialized support for medical foot conditions, offloading, ensuring comfort and proper alignment. Discover effective solutions View products

Custom Made Footwear

Custom-made footwear offers tailored solutions for unique foot requirements, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum comfort. Explore customised options View products

Custom Milled Insoles

Custom-molded and milled insoles provide personalized support and comfort for your professional shoes and sneakers. Discover precise solutions View products

Preventive Footwear

Explore our wide range of stylish and good looking preventive footwear range with MCR, MCP and EVA insoles, Offers proactive support and protection for optimal foot health. View products


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Catherine Joseph

September 4, 2023

Top notch customer service... Immediate response to requirements. First time i visited in person n liked the way the problems were analysed and after which I have been ordering stuff over a call. No delays in online dispatch. n the solution provided for your issues are to the DOT. Perfect. Humble n polite staff.

Ramasamy Manankatti

September 2, 2023

Very good approach and service low rate satisfied and I ordered a chappal also..

Suresh M

September 2, 2023

Services made by the team are good and we liked them.

Rukmani Shreedharan

August 28, 2023

I truly appreciate the warmth and the patience with the customers are handled. Excellent fitting.

Sitalakshmi Lakshmanan

August 28, 2023

Great experience with custom footwear!.