Custom Made Footwear
What can we offer for Doctors, Clinic and Hospitals

Hochste, a one-stop best solution for all your medical foot care needs. We offer a wide range of custom-made footcare solutions, including customization of the insole, upper, and even the outer sole to suit various foot conditions caused by diabetes or orthopaedic related problems. We are currently servicing several podiatrists, plastic surgeons, orthopaedic doctors, physiotherapists, diabetic doctors, prosthetic and orthotic professionals, and multi-speciality hospitals all over the country. Why Hochste?

  • Trustworthy manufacturing Partner - we produce top-notch medical footwear using high-quality raw materials and latest technology machines like CAD-CAM in the manufacturing process enhance precision, efficiency, and overall product quality. Our comprehensive understanding of medical conditions enables a better development of tailored solutions that address specific foot conditions as well better offloading of diabetic foot ulcers.
  • Robust web application offers a user-friendly interface, seamless integration and efficient communication. Separate user login for Admin as well as staff for better control. You and your team can upload measurements, suggest corrections, follow up on product delivery status and enjoy on-time deliveries (as we are famous for it).
  • Continuous Medical Education for your staff and technicians about anatomy, product services and biomechanics. We also deal with reputed domestic and international manufacturers who supply Podiatry Equipment can be useful for plug and play footcare centres in your Clinic or Hospitals.

Our wide range of products includes,

  • Customised CAD-CAM milled Insoles/ moulded insoles – Custom foot orthotic as shoe and sandal inserts for most of the orthopaedic and diabetic foot conditions.
  • Full and partial sole build-ups, custom footwear for leg length discrepancy, Equines Foot and post Ilizarov surgical procedures.
  • Special accommodative footwear with straps, splints and flares for conditions like bunion (hallux valgus), hallux varus, taylor bunion and others.
  • Heel raises, wedges, special insoles with fascia offload for Plantar Fasciitis, Plantar Fasciitis with Heel Spur, Achilles Tendonitis, Osteo Arthritis and several other orthopaedic foot problems.
  • Offloading footwears (Anterior & Posterior) for chronic diabetic foot ulcers, Rocker front, Rocker bottom, double layered wound management footwear for offloading large area diabetic foot ulcers (PORON filled apertures) as well special footwear basic & advanced Charcot including pneumatic walker shoe (aircast) modifications with customised insole for chronic foot ulcers.
  • Special shoes / sandals with buttressing, flanges, medial and lateral flares for OA and other diabetic foot ulcer conditions involving inversion and eversion of foot.
  • Special accommodative footwear with straps, splints and flares for conditions like bunion (hallux valgus), hallux varus, taylor bunion and others.
  • Special performance sports shoe Insoles for conditions like over pronation and over supination, insoles for shin splint and anterior knee pain, multi-density imported sports insoles for improving performance (cricket, football and other active sports) and more customer specific customisations.

We also make customized kids footwear with gait disorders, club foot disorder, and neurological disorders (AFO).

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